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Title: "Computations using UCL's grid engine"

Speaker: Prasad Sudhakar

Date / Time (duration): Tuesday 29/5/2012, 15h00 (~ 45')

Place: TVNUM Seminar room

(Place du Levant 2, Stevin Building, 1st floor)

Abstract: As a part of our research work, most of us do intensive numerical simulations which require a lot of computation time and memory. Performing these simulations on local standalone computers have several drawbacks: 1) the computers may not be resourceful enough (computing power + memory) to handle the load, 2) several instances of a single piece of code have to be executed serially, one after the other because essentially there is just one computing resource, and hence simulations may last longer hours, 3) license issues for expensive tools such as Matlab, 4) frequent manual intervention, etc. In this talk we will see how to overcome these obstacles by using the UCL/CISM's computational grid, Lemaitre.

On a computational grid one can remotely execute multiple copies of a single program with different inputs, in parallel. Moreover, once can completely avoid the license dependency of a program on a specific tool such as Matlab, by compiling a standalone executable. Also because the computations happen in the background, human intervention is minimised. These factors enable us to utilise the scarce computational resources optimally.

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