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SPS, Mon 28/11/2011, TVNUM, 10h45:

Speaker: Quentin De Neyer

Title: "Elliptic curve cryptograpy in JavaScript with application for e-voting"


Current browsers offer fairly limited support for performing cryptographic operations on the client-side of web applications. The support of the TLS/SSL protocols enables secure client-server communications, but these protocols can only be useful in settings where the server is trusted by the client. There are numerous applications, however, in which it is not desirable to ask web application users to trust a server. E-voting is one of them and motivated our developement of a new cryptographic library, entirely implemented in JavaScript. The use of the JavaScript engine was the most convenient choice for computing on the client side of web applications: a JavaScript engine is provided with all major browsers. On the one hand, despite tremendous improvements during the last two years, the performance of JavaScript code remains extremely low compared to optimized compiled code executed on the same computer. On the other hand, compared to other slow platforms like smart-cards, browsers offer an amount of memory that is larger by orders of magnitude. Such constraints motivated our study. We chosed to implement elliptic curve operations, using precomputation to accelerate the point multiplication methods. We also studied and optimized the performance of the different field operations that are involved in elliptic curve arithmetic. Our results are promising and the proposed libraries can be used in a wide range of applications besides e-voting.

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