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Title: "Principles of computer graphics animation"

Speaker: Christian Van Brussel

Date / Time (duration): Monday 27/2/2012, 14h00 (~ 45')

Place: TVNUM Seminar room

(Place du Levant 2, Stevin Building, 1st floor)


In computer graphics, a single image is generated by using some mathematical model that will simulate the propagation of the light, either in the virtual scene and at the contact of the virtual objects. The main principles and techniques for the simulation of those lighting models have been presented in previous presentations (cfr. a SPS of November 2008 and the presentation at the "Quinzaine des technologies de Charleroi" in September 2011).

This presentation will now concentrate on the main principles and techniques for the animation of the scene, that is the evolution and the deformations to be applied on the objects of the scene. The presentation will go through the main challenges of the animation problem, the mathematical tools used to deform a 3D mesh, and then will concentrate on the particular problem of the animation of virtually living characters, and will present the main categories of techniques used to address this challenge.

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