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Title: "On the use of Gabor Filters in SOS Corrected Ultrasound Image Segmentation"

Speaker: Augustin Cosse

Date / Time (duration): Monday 12/12/2011, 14h00 (~ 45')

Place: TVNUM Seminar room (Place du Levant 2, Stevin Building, 1st floor)


In many surgery centers, reduced quality images are acquired during surgery in order to track the tissue deformation in real time. Among those intraoperative imaging modalities, ultrasounds are the subject of an increasing amount of research and the detection of organ contours in those images thus constitutes a point of interest. A new approach for correcting and segmenting US images will be presented. This approach is based on a speed of sound (SOS) correction followed by Gabor filtering and SVM-based classification of the corrected image voxels. A brief introduction to the physics of ultrasound shall be provided as well.

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