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Title: "Depth stitching for extended field of view for highly curved IOL charaterization"

Speaker: Alexandre Saint

Date / Time (duration): Monday 12/3/2012, 14h00 (~ 45')

Place: TVNUM Seminar room

(Place du Levant 2, Stevin Building, 1st floor)


Multifocal intraocular lenses are implanted in the eye to correct vision deficiencies. They are a viable alternative to spectacles and contact lenses. Some advanced IOLs are made of diffractive steps with different resolving power to allow a vision from near to far distances. But these IOLs also come with highly curved and discontinuous surfaces. It is an industrial challenge to be able to charaterize such IOLs precisely and in a short time.

The DETROIT project aims at creating an optical characterization system for IOLs by measuring their topography. An optical system has been designed, which is able to measure depth maps with respect to a lens. Due to the high curvature of the surface, the maps are acquired with a narrow field of view, to avoid distortion, and from different positions to cover the entire area. The challenge is then to recombine all the maps together to reconstruct the global topography. The method used is analog to the Lukas-Kanade image alignment algorithm.

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