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Title: "Cytomine for collaborative and semantic analysis of multi-gigapixel images"

Speaker: Raphaël Marée, Montefiore Institute, University of Liège (invited talk)

Location: "Shannon" Seminar Room, Place du Levant 3, Maxwell Building, 1st floor

Date / Time (duration): Thursday 09/06/2016, 14h00 (~ 45')

Slides: pdf

Abstract: Cytomine (http://www.cytomine.be/) is an open-source, rich internet application, for remote visualization of high-resolution images (à la Google Maps), collaborative and semantic annotation of regions of interest using user-defined ontologies, and semi-automated image analysis using machine learning.

In this talk, we will describe our design choices that allow data scientists and image analysis software developers to use and extend the platform in various ways. In particular we will describe our vocabulary-driven annotations of images, HTTP based RESTful API to import/export data through web services, and our supervised learning workflows including our semantic proofreading tools for object classification, image segmentation, content-based image retrieval, and landmark detection.

We will then brielfy present our latest applications of the software as it is now being actively used by many research groups working on large sets of images in lung/breast cancer research, renal pathology, toxicology and developmental studies, ... (see publication list: http://www.cytomine.be/#publications)

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