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Title: "Low-complexity signal processing for direct imaging of stellar systems"

Speaker: Benoît Pairet

Location: "Nyquist" Seminar Room, Place du Levant 3, Maxwell Building, 1st floor

Date / Time (duration): Wednesday 08/05/2019, 11h00 (~45')

Abstract: Direct imaging of stellar systems is an emerging and multi-disciplinary field of research. Stellar systems consist of faint objects lying in close vicinity of a very bright object, namely the host star. Hence, obtaining a faithful image of such a system not only requires state-of-the-art imaging hardware and dedicated observation strategy but also heavily relies on tailored post-processing techniques.

Until recently, most of the post-processing development focused on exoplanets detection. However, thanks to the new generation of high contrast telescopes, astronomers have reached the capability of imaging circumstellar disks. These disks are of great interest in the study of stellar systems. Unfortunately, the post-processing techniques developed for exoplanets detection tend to perform poorly when applied to disks.

In this presentation, we show how leveraging the intrinsic low-complexity of both the starlight and the on-sky signals allows us to significantly improve our capability to obtain meaningful images of circumstellar disks.

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