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Title: "Hyperspectral Unmixing"

Speaker: Muhammad Arsalan

Location: "Shannon" Seminar Room, Place du Levant 3, Maxwell Building, 1st floor

Date / Time (duration): Wednesday 1/4/2015, 10h45 (~45')

Abstract: The sensors of spectral imaging devices have often large sizes of pixel in which numerous materials contribute to the spectrum obtained at a single pixel. In most of applications we need to identify the constituent materials present along with their proportions in such mixed pixels. The process by which the mixed pixel is decomposed into a collection of constituent spectra (endmembers) and a set of corresponding fractions (abundance, indicate the proportion of each endmember present in the pixel). It is not an easy task because of its ill-posed inverse problem nature due to model inaccuracies, noise in the observation, environmental conditions, data size and endmember variability.

In this talk we will present a kind of hyperspectral imager, which is based on the principle of Michelson interferometer known as Fourier transform spectroscopy. This will include modeling of the hyperspectral signal and the inaccuries that arise during the modeling of such signals. After obtaining the signal model, this talk will present some hyperspectral unmixing techniques along with some simulation results. In the last section of the this talk we will present the idea of compressive hyperspectral imager where we will address the possibility of applying compressed sensing theory in acquisition of the signal.

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