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Dr Pascaline Parisot

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Research topics:

Ball detection and tracking: Foreground detector reinforcement through trajectory analysis: In the context of team sport events monitoring, the various phases of the game must be delimited and interpreted. In the case of a basketball game, the detection and the tracking of the ball are mandatory. However, one of the difficulties is that the ball is often occluded by players. This project deals with the detection of the ballistic trajectory of a ball thrown between two players or toward the basket. Ballistic trajectories are build on the 3D ball candidates previously detected at each time-stamp from a foreground detector.

Detection of facial expressions and CG animation: This work is aimed at developing a semi-automate system to animate facial expressions. The system consists of detection of facial expressions and Computer Graphics animations of a facial charactor.

Sport player foreground detector reinforcement through visual texture classification: In the context of sport events, this project deals with the improvement of a player detector based on a foreground detector. It considers some visual texture features in order to discriminate true from false detections.

Current projects:

Former projects:

  • SPORTIC - SPORTIC: Compte-rendu sportif automatique, SPW, responsable: Christophe De Vleeschouwer

Previous seminars:

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