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Medical Image Processing

Our group develops image & signal processing tools and models for the use in various medical contexts, including radiotherapy, proton therapy, brachytherapy, surgery, EEG analysis, kinematic, diffusion tensor imaging, etc.


Respiratory motion model of lungs and tumor from skin surface as surrogate for radiotherapy: Respiratory induced motion of organs and tumors is a technical challenge in radiation therapy since it compromises treatment accuracy. Recently available optical surface scanners have opened the door of modeling and predicting internal motion from external skin surface motion.

Imaging the Wallerian degeneration in the spinal cord: This research is focused on the Wallerian degeneration process in the spinal cord. The purpose is to identify the best biomarkers into the observations of Wallerian degeneration process by diffusion weighted imaging in magnetic resonance imaging.

Imaging the Brain Microstructure: Diffusion tensor imaging, the most common model of the diffusion signal, is unable to represent the signal arising from water molecules diffusing in different compartments such as multiple fascicles and the extra-axonal space. Multi-fascicle models overcome this limitation by providing a parametric representation for each compartment, allowing the development of new brain network modeling.

ImagX Research Group: iMagX is a joint project between UCL (Université catholique de Louvain, Belgium) and IBA, world leader in proton therapy. Our interdisciplinary R&D team of 20 engineers, computer scientists, physicists and PhDs, works at the intersection of the scientific, clinical and industrial worlds, in order to create innovative imaging solutions to improve cancer treatment in proton therapy and radiotherapy.

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