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Li Sun

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Research topics:

Target tracking for the automatic control of Pan Tilt Zoom cameras: Capturing close-up video sequences of an object of interest evolving in a large field of view often requires to cover this field of view with tens of cameras. This is especially the case in surveillance and sport coverage contexts. The use of Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras allows zooming and focusing on an object along its displacement with a single camera, but requires a sufficiently reliable feedback about the target position/trajectory from the image processing module in order to perform high quality automatic tracking.

Foreground object detection: Background modeling and foreground mask extraction are key components of low-level computer vision systems. They aim at extracting moving objects in natural scenes observed with static cameras, and thereby often constitute preliminary steps to object recognition, scene understanding and behavioral analysis.

Current projects:

Former projects:

  • SV3D - Surveillance platform based on muti-source video analytics, localized data and cognitive interfaces SV3D, UE - FP7, responsable: Christophe De Vleeschouwer

Previous seminars:

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