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ISP Seminar, 13/03/2018: "High-Performance Wireless Sensing with Low-Complexity Array Measurements" by Dr.-Ing. Manuel S. Stein (Mathematics Department, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium, & Chair for Stochastics, Universität Bayreuth, Germany)

ISP Seminar, 30/08/2016: "Inner Ear modelling with MRI" by Dr Jérôme Plumat University of Auckland, New Zealand

ISP Seminar, 04/02/2016: "Applications of PCA and low-rank plus sparse decompositions in high-contrast Exoplanet imaging" by Carlos Gomez, ULg, Belgium

ISP Seminar, 05/06/2019: "The lensless endoscope: a playground for acquisition schemes based on compressed sensing principles" by Stéphanie Guérit

ISP Seminar, 11/09/2015: "Fusion-based techniques in computer vision" by Cosmin Ancuti

ISP Seminar, 30/11/2012: "Compressed Sensing in RF Communication and Analog-to-Digital Conversion" by Prof. Thomas Arildsen (TPS/DES, Aalborg U., Denmark)

ISP + DIGICOM Seminar, 15/10/2015: "Blind Interference Alignment for Cellular Networks" by Máximo Morales

ISP Seminar, 08/05/2013: "A resource allocation framework for adaptive selection of point matching strategies for visual tracking" by Quentin De Neyer

ISP Seminar, 16/03/2011: "Scale & Affine Invariant Interest Point Detectors" by Rémy Labbé

ISP Seminar, 26/04/2013: "Implementation Aspects of the Random Demodulator for Compressive Sensing" by Pawel Jerzy Pankiewicz (AAU, Aalborg, Denmark)

ISP Seminar, 08/10/2014: "Interpolation on Riemannian manifolds with a {$C^1$} piecewize Bézier path" by Pierre-Yves Gousenbourger

ISP Seminar, 30/03/2011: "Ball detection and tracking in multi-view setting" by Pascaline Parisot

ISP Seminar, 04/09/2019: "Bit-Based Learning Machines" by Sercan Aygün

ISP Seminar, 08/05/2019: "Low-complexity signal processing for direct imaging of stellar systems" by Benoît Pairet

ISP Seminar, 12/05/2016: "Dimensionality Reduction with t-SNE for data visualization" by Simon Carbonnelle

ISP Seminar, 10/04/13: "4D signal processing for lung cancer treatment by radiotherapy" by Nicolas Gallego-Ortiz

ISP Seminar, 18/03/2015: "Non-parametric PSF estimation from celestial transit solar images using blind deconvolution" by Adriana Gonzalez

ISP Seminar, 06/11/2013: "Compressed Sensing of Low Complexity High Dimensional Data: Application to Hyperspectral Imaging" by Kévin Degraux

ISP Seminar, 10/01/2018: "Greedy algorithms for multi-channel sparse recovery" by Jean-François Determe (ULB & UCL, Belgium)


ISP Seminar, 16/10/2012: "A 3D MRI segmentation method and a 2D/3D X-ray image registration method for orthopaedic applications" by Taha Jerbi

ISP Seminar, 01/04/2015: "Hyperspectral Unmixing" by Muhammad Arsalan

ISP Seminar, 15/05/2013: "Discriminative Label Propagation for Multi-Object Tracking with Sporadic Appearance Features" by Amit Kumar K.C.

ISP Seminar, 05/03/2014: "Planar Tracking for 3-D Reconstruction" by Arnaud Delmotte



ISP Seminar, 07/05/2014: "Single shot depth and image using engineered point spread function" by Muhammad Arsalan

ISP Seminar, 17/12/2014: "" by Kévin Degraux

ISP Seminar, 24/10/2011: "On the use of 4D imaging in cancer treatment" by Guillaume Janssens

ISP Seminar, 27/02/2012: "Principles of computer graphics animation" by Christian Van Brussel

ISP Seminar, 30/11/2017: "Computational Imaging in Atomic Force Microscopy" by Prof. Thomas Arildsen (TPS/DES, Aalborg U., Denmark)

ISP Seminar, 30/07/2015: "1930s Analysis for 2010s Signal Processing: Recent Progress on the Superresolution Question" by Prof. Laurent Demanet, Imaging and Computing Group, MIT, USA

ISP Seminar, 24/10/2017: "Light Field Methods for the Visual Inspection of Transparent Objects" by Johannes Meyer (KIT, Karlsruhe, Germany)

ISP Seminar, 28/04/2016: "Blind Deconvolution of PET Images using Anatomical Priors" by Adriana González and Stéphanie Guérit

ISP Seminar, 20/03/2019: "Quantity over Quality: Dithered Quantization for Compressive Radar Systems" by Thomas Feuillen

ISP Seminar, 01/12/2010: "Integrated H.264 Region-of-Interest Detection, Tracking and Compression for Surveillance Scenes" by Ivan Alen Fernandez

ISP Seminar, 15/12/2010: "Optimal Dense Disparity Map Quantization and Residual Prediction for Lossless Stereo Image Coding" by Amit Kumar K.C.


ISP Seminar, 18/12/2012: "A virtual tour of free viewpoint rendering" by Cédric Verleysen

ISP Seminar, 20/04/2011: "Recognition of sport players' numbers using fast color segmentation" by Cédric Verleysen

ISP Seminar, 22/01/2014: "Diffusion MRI and DKI to evaluate the axonal degeneration in vivo: general framework and focus on some processing tools" by Stéphanie Guérit

ISP Seminar, 06/09/2016: "Are classifiers really robust to deformations in the data?" by Alhussein Fawzi, LTS4, EPFL, Switzerland

ISP Seminar, 17/09/2012: "Diffusion tensor Imaging and challenges to evaluate spinal repair" by Damien Jacobs

ISP Seminar, TBD: "Approximate digital system design with hardware-based stochastic computing for computer vision" by Sercan Ayguns


ISP Seminar, 12/05/2015: "Compressive acquisition of linear dynamical systems" by Amiramirafshar Moshtaghpour

ISP Seminar, 24/09/2015: "Compressive Classification: A Guided Tour" by Valerio Cambareri

ISP Seminar, 29/11/2012: "Dictionary learning methods for single-channel source separation" by Augustin Lefèvre (INMA/ICTEAM, UCL)

ISP Seminar, 08/12/2016: "Deep learning and structured output problems" by Soufiane Belharbi

ISP Seminar, 04/05/2011: "Robust point correspondence based on template matching for image registration" by Kaori Hagihara

ISP Seminar, 12/06/18: "High resolution microCT, and its past and future challenges in the biomedical field" by Prof. Greet Kerckhofs

ISP Seminar, 20/10/2016: "A 1-bit quantized compressive scheme for RADAR: From the hardware implementation to the signal model" by Thomas Feuillen

ISP Seminar, 26/05/2016: "Low Rank and Group-Average Sparsity Driven Convex Optimization for Direct Exoplanets Imaging" by Benoit Pairet


ISP Seminar, 01/12/2016: "An Introduction to Deep Learning" by Simon Carbonnelle

ISP Seminar, 29/05/2012: "Computations using UCL's grid engine" by Prasad Sudhakar

ISP Seminar, 04/10/2017: "Dedicated image processing tools for proton imaging" by Sylvain Deffet

ISP Seminar, 19/03/2014: "Using Shape Priors to Regularize Intermediate Views in Wide-Baseline Image-Based Rendering " by Cédric Verleysen

ISP Seminar, 06/02/2015: "Diffusion weighted imaging challenges the neuro histology: dream or reality?" by Damien Jacobs

ISP Seminar, 02/03/2017: "FBMC/OQAM transceivers for 5G mobile communication systems" by François Rottenberg

ISP Seminar, 17/09/2014: "Spectral clustering techniques for biological data" by Nicolas Matz

ISP Seminar, 29/03/2018: "Hardware architecture for machine learning and image processing" by Martin Lefebvre

ISP Seminar, 05/02/2014: "Compressed sensing methods for cardiac C-arm computed tomography" by Cyril Mory

ISP Seminar, 04/11/10: "Image Denoising using Non-Local Wavelet Bases" by Laurent Jacques

ISP Seminar, 30/04/2012: "Aggregation of Local Shortest Paths for Multiple Object Tracking with Noisy/Missing Appearance Features" by Amit Kumar KC

ISP Seminar, 02/04/2014: "Which features to discriminate nucleolus phenotypes?" by Pascaline Parisot

ISP Seminar, 28/05/18: "Fisheye stereovision to model 3D urban environments in the context of a GNSS positioning application" by Julien Moreau

ISP Seminar, 07/11/2011: "Image-based PUFs for Anti-Counterfeiting" by Saloomeh Shariati

ISP Seminar, 04/03/2011: "Solving imaging problem with Graph Cuts" by Jérôme Plumat

ISP Seminar, 04/09/2013: "Computational inverse scattering and TV regularization: A cocktail party explanation" by Augustin Cosse

ISP Seminar, 20/11/2013: "Collaborative algorithms, bees & NodeJS" by Jérôme Plumat

ISP Group + DIGICOM Seminar, 19/11/2015: "Sensing-based Resource Allocation in Cognitive Radio Networks" by Nafiseh Janatian

ISP Seminar, 29/04/2015: "Learning Deep Neural Network" by Romain Hérault, INSA, Rouen, France

ISP Seminar, 16/11/2012: "Measuring the brain connectivity" by Maxime Taquet

ISP Seminar, 19/06/2013: "Detection of facial expressions and computer graphics animation" by Kaori Hagihara

ISP Seminar, 09/10/2013: "Continuous parameter estimation from compressive samples" by Prasad Sudhakar

ISP Seminar, 27/03/2013: "A Deconvolution Problem in Astronomy" by Adriana Gonzalez

ISP Seminar, 01/06/2011: "A very short introduction to digital topology" by Sébastien Lugan

ISP Seminar, 16/03/2017: "Fitting on manifolds with Bézier functions" by Pierre-Yves Gousenbourger

ISP Seminar, 23/04/2014: "Sensing matrix design criteria for adaptive compressed sensing" by Valerio Cambareri

ISP Seminar, 18/05/2011: "Imaging techniques for LOW-DOSE and COLOR tomography: new challenges for Cone-Beam CT and PET with hybrid pixels" by Prof Yannick Boursier (Université Aix-Marseille 2 / ESIL)


ISP Seminar, 12/12/2011: "On the use of Gabor Filters in SOS Corrected Ultrasound Image Segmentation" by Augustin Cosse

ISP Seminar, 03/04/2019: "Compressive Learning meets privacy" by Vincent Schellekens

ISP Seminar, 18/04/18: "On the recent progress of object detection using neural networks" by Maxime Istasse

ISP Seminar, 5/06/2013: "Training with corrupted labels to reinforce a probably correct team-sport player detector" by Pascaline Parisot

ISP Seminar, 17/04/2013: "Statistical models of the spine with applications in medical image processing" by Dr Fabian Lecron (UMons, Belgium)

ISP Seminar, 12/03/2012: "Depth stitching for extended field of view for highly curved IOL charaterization" by Alexandre Saint

ISP Seminar, 10/03/2015: "Post-Reconstruction Deconvolution of PET Images by Total Generalized Variation Regularization" by Stéphanie Guérit

ISP Seminar, 29/10/2014: "Community detection and Role extraction in networks" by Arnaud Browet

ISP Seminar, 28/09/2016: "Restricted Range Space Property Based Theory for 1-Bit Compressive Sensing" by Chunlei Xu

ISP Seminar, 13/10/2011: "The use of sparsity hypothesis for source separation" by Prasad Sudhakar

ISP Seminar, 02/10/2012: "Proximal methods for Poisson Intensity CBCT and PET" by Prof. Yannick Boursier (Université Aix-Marseille 2 / ESIL)

ISP Seminar, 28/11/2011: "Elliptic curve cryptograpy in JavaScript with application for e-voting" by Quentin De Neyer

ISP Seminar, 06/09/2019: "An outlook on deep reinforcement learning" by Dr Vincent François-Lavet

ISP Seminar, 27/07/2015: "Advanced signal processing and VLSI implementation for wireless communication and biomedical applications" by Prof. Daniel Massicotte, U. Québec, Canada

ISP Seminar, 15/11/2017: "Compressive learning (e.g., clustering) from a (quantized) sketch of the dataset" by Vincent Schellekens

ISP Seminar, 19/02/2014: "Adaptability to Improve Convergence" by Adriana Gonzalez

ISP Seminar, 29/03/2017: "Deep Learning in Medical Imaging" by Eliott Brion

ISP Seminar, 25/09/2013: "Optimization of MRI reconstruction by constraining the minimization of TV norm" by Damien Jacobs

ISP Seminar, 17/10/2010: "Gene network reconstruction from expression microarray data" by Jérôme Ambroise

ISP Group + DIGICOM Seminar, 5/11/2015: "Pilots allocation for sparse channel estimation in multicarrier systems " by François Rottenberg

ISP Seminar, 11/06/2012: "High Level Markov Modeling and Markov Random Tree recognition" by Jerome Plumat

ISP Seminar, 14/01/2015: "Normalized cuts for unsigned and signed graphs" by Amit Kumar KC

ISP Seminar, 09/06/2016: "Cytomine for collaborative and semantic analysis of multi-gigapixel images" by Raphaël Marée, Montefiore Institute, University of Liège

ISP Seminar, 28/02/2018: "Tone mapping methods for X-ray images" by Tahani Madmad

ISP Seminar, 04/02/2011: "Feature Point-Based 3D Mesh Watermarking that Withstands the Cropping Attack" by Mireia Montanola

ISP Seminar, 01/09/2014: "How using DCE-MRI and registration to measure the concentration of the contrast agent ([CA]) inside the human and guinea-pigs (GP) cochlea?" by Jerome Plumat

ISP Seminar, 25/10/18: "Post-processing techniques for exoplanet imaging." by Dr Faustine Cantalloube

ISP Seminar, 17/06/2011: "Gait feature extraction in Parkinson's disease using low-cost accelerometers" by Julien Stamatakis

ISP Seminar, 11/03/2016: "On the decomposition of blurring operators in wavelet bases" by Pierre Weiss, ITAV, U. Toulouse, France

ISP Seminar, 16/02/2011: "Phase Transition Analysis of Recently Proposed Compressed Sensing Recovery Algorithms" by Adriana Gonzalez Gonzalez

ISP Seminar, 17/04/2012: "How to cheat with statistics? A practical guide to the skeptical reviewers" by Maxime Taquet

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