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Dr Damien Delannay

(Keemotion Inc., Belgium) ISPGMember ISPGMemberFormer

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Research topics:

Foreground object detection: Background modeling and foreground mask extraction are key components of low-level computer vision systems. They aim at extracting moving objects in natural scenes observed with static cameras, and thereby often constitute preliminary steps to object recognition, scene understanding and behavioral analysis.

Multiple object tracking with prior detections and graph formalisms: This project considers the tracking of multiple objects within video sequence(s). Fundamentally, it aims at formalising application scenarios in which reliability and the discriminability of the object features vary over time. In order to address problems involving large number of targets, and because automatic detection algorithms have gained maturity, our work assumes that a set of prior and plausible targets detections are available at each time instant.

Current projects:

Former projects:

  • SPORTIC - SPORTIC: Compte-rendu sportif automatique, SPW, responsable: Christophe De Vleeschouwer

Previous seminars:

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