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CÚdric Verleysen

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Research topics:

Video segmentation: Image/video segmentation aims at partitioning the visual frames into non-overlapping areas with different semantical contents. It has tremendous applications in data compression, tracking, augmented reality, activity or object recognition, video annotation and video retrieval. Our group focus on fast and efficient segmentation methods, in such a way to extract content with high-level of abstraction from videos.

Virtual view synthesis: A principal limitation of the conventional video technology is that the viewpoint is fixed by the camera that captures a scene. To overcome this limitation, multiple cameras can be set around the scene, and the set of their two-dimensional images can processed to generate novel images, such as those seen by a (non-existent) "virtual camera".

Current projects:

Former projects:

Previous seminars:

  • ISP Seminar, 18/12/2012 - "A virtual tour of free viewpoint rendering" by CÚdric Verleysen
  • ISP Seminar, 20/04/2011 - "Recognition of sport players' numbers using fast color segmentation" by CÚdric Verleysen
  • ISP Seminar, 19/03/2014 - "Using Shape Priors to Regularize Intermediate Views in Wide-Baseline Image-Based Rendering " by CÚdric Verleysen

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