Company Visits – Spring 2020

It is with great please that the IEEE Student Branch would like to invite to two events this year with regards to their annually organized company visits !

These visits are organized to connect ICTEAM researchers to the world of professional industries. This activity will attempt to merge academic research with real world industrial problems.

This activity will necessitate an on-site interaction with industrial companies here in Belgian to discover their impressive infrastructure and to be able to interact with specialists in the field.

During this semester, two visits are proposed:

    • at Mons on Friday the 20th of March from 13h00 to 17h00
    • 17 places available
    • The visit will be held in English
    • MULTITEL is a research and technological innovation center that acts as an interface between the two worlds of research and the industry. Their main activities are in the fields of Computer Networks, Photonics, Audio Processing, Computer Vision and Signal Processing. The visit should hold many interesting laboratory visits (including a huge Anechoic chamber) as well as interaction with experts in their various fields.
    • at Antwerp on Monday the 20th of Avril from 8h20 to 15h00
    • 15 places available
    • The visit will be held in English
    • UMICORE is the biggest recycling company of precious metals in the world. Their main activities are in the fields of recycling, production of materials for rechargeable batteries and the production of catalysts for industrial chemistry. This visit is a great opportunity to be able to see how dependent today’s technology is on precious resources and how hard it is to recycle them.

You can register to any of the two activities (either both or one of the two if you prefer) via the registration forms below:


We look forward to seeing you there !

Nicolas Roisin, Karim El Khoury and Thibault Pirson