Outcomes & Reports

 Deliverables and annual reports

  • 2014
  1. Annual Report Belspo Year 1 : BRAIN-Food4Sustainability-Report-1
  2. Deliverable 1.1 – Theoretical framework for research on Agrifood Transition towards Sustainability: BRAIN-Food4Sustainability-Deliverable-1.1
  3. Deliverable 1.2 – Policy Instruments for Agro‐food Transition towards Sustainability : BRAIN-Food4Sustainability-Deliverable-1.2
  4. Deliverable 1.3Report on transdisciplinary workshop 1 and Mapping of public policy measures for agri‐food initiatives : BRAIN-Food4Sustainability-Deliverable-1.3
  • 2015
  1. Annual Report Belspo Year 2 : BRAIN-Food4Sustainability-Report-2
  2. Deliverable 2.1 – Mapping of transition initiatives: BRAIN-Food4Sustainability-Deliverable-2.1
  3. Deliverable 2.2 – Social enterprise based transition movements between transformation and reform. The case of transition initiatives in local food networks ‐ Results of Interviews on actor’s Motivation in Collective process for Transition: BRAIN-Food4Sustainability-Deliverable-2.2
  4. Deliverable 2.3 – Multistakeholder workshop – Document for discussion : « Projet pilote de recherche partenariale – LPTransition (UCL) – acteurs sociaux sur les circuits courts durables » ‐ and agenda 19 November 2015: BRAIN-Food4Sustainability-Deliverable-2.3
  • 2016
  1. Annual Report Belspo Year 3 : BRAIN-Food4Sustainability-Report-3
  2. Annual Deliverable 3.1 – Theoretical Framework – Phase II combining transition multilevel theory, organisational learning and value literature : BRAIN-Food4Sustainability-Deliverable 3.1
  • 2017
  1. Annual Report Belspo Year 4 : BRAIN-Food4Sustainability-Report-4
  2. Deliverable 4.1a – Mapping and analysis of major market-related collective governance arrangements relying on either participatory certification systems or industry-wide codes of conduct : BRAIN-Food4Sustainability-Deliverable 4.1a

Follow-up committee meetings

  1. Report of the first follow-up committee meeting – 14th November 2014 : 20141114_Report_meeting_Follow-up committee

Transdisciplinary interface

  1. Report of the first workshop with social actors – 15th May 2014 :Final report_workshop_15thmay_social_actors
  2. Report of the round table with associations actives in agri-food transition – 27th October 2014 : 20141027_Report_meeting_societalactors_oct14

Expected deliverables

The project will have 6 expected deliverables:

D1: ’Positioning “Food4Sustainability’, at the end of month 6, containing the results of tasks 1.1.- 1.2. ;
D2: ‘Driving forces of Food4sustainability’, at the end of month 24, containing the results of WP2;
D3: ‘Food4Sustainability best practice governance principles’, at the end of month 24, containing the results of Task 3.1;
D4: ‘Designing Food4Sustainability, at the end of month 36, containing the results of Task 3.2;
D5: ‘Food4Sustainability Roadmaps for transition’, at the end of month 42, containing the results of Task 3.3;
D6: ‘Food4Sustainability conclusions and recommendations’, at the end of month 48, containing the results of WP5.

All these deliverables will be public and will take the form of research papers for easier dissemination to a wide audience. Such material will be disseminated through the social networks of the participants (to academia, policy makers, stakeholders, et alii), via international conferences and publications, as well as through a dedicated website of the project.

Besides, a flyer will be made for introducing the project to non-academics. This will be used to inform interviewees, participants of workshops and focus groups, government contact persons, conferences etc. It can be regarded as an easy-to-read summary of the goals and the research plans of the project.

At the end of the project, a workshop will be organized for stakeholders, policy makers, academia and other interested people where the major conclusions and recommendations will be presented and put into context

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