Scientific outcomes and reports

Scientific outcomes

  • Year 3-2016
    Construire la transition par l’innovation locale : le cas de la Vallée de la Drôme, O. De Schutter, S. Bui, I. Cassiers, T. Dedeurwaerdere, B. Galand, H. Jeanmart, M. Nyssens et E. Verhaegen. Document-pdf
  • Year 4-2017
    Phase II Scientific report , S. Bui, I. Costa, H. Joachain, T-A Zwart. Report

 Deliverables and annual reports

  • 2014
  1. Annual Report Belspo Year 1 : BRAIN-Food4Sustainability-Report-1
  2. Deliverable 1.1 – Theoretical Framework and Methodology for Phase I / Alternative Food Systems: BRAIN-Food4Sustainability-Deliverable-1.1
  3. Deliverable 1.2 – Policy Instruments for Agro‐food Transition towards Sustainability : BRAIN-Food4Sustainability-Deliverable-1.2
  4. Deliverable 1.3Report on transdisciplinary workshop 1 and Mapping of public policy measures for agri‐food initiatives : BRAIN-Food4Sustainability-Deliverable-1.3
  • 2015
  1. Annual Report Belspo Year 2 : BRAIN-Food4Sustainability-Report-2
  2. Deliverable 2.1 – Mapping of transition initiatives: BRAIN-Food4Sustainability-Deliverable-2.1
  3. Deliverable 2.2 – Social enterprise based transition movements between transformation and reform. The case of transition initiatives in local food networks ‐ Results of Interviews on actor’s Motivation in Collective process for Transition: BRAIN-Food4Sustainability-Deliverable-2.2
  4. Deliverable 2.3 – Multistakeholder workshop – Document for discussion : « Projet pilote de recherche partenariale – LPTransition (UCL) – acteurs sociaux sur les circuits courts durables » ‐ and agenda 19 November 2015: BRAIN-Food4Sustainability-Deliverable-2.3
  • 2016
  1. Annual Report Belspo Year 3 : BRAIN-Food4Sustainability-Report3-2016
  2. Annual Deliverable 3.1 – Theoretical Framework for Phase II/ Development of local sourcing in supermarkets and emergence of healthy fast casual food chains: BRAIN-Food4Sustainability-Deliverable 3.1
  • 2017
  1. Annual Report Belspo Year 4 : BRAIN-Food4Sustainability-Report-4
  2. Deliverable 4.1a – Mapping and analysis of major market-related collective governance arrangements relying on either participatory certification systems or industry-wide codes of conduct : BRAIN-Food4Sustainability-Deliverable 4.1a
  • 2018
    Nine deliverables are expected by the end of the project:

            D4 : Designing food4sustainability

    • 4.1.b. Benchmarking on food retailers’ local sourcing strategies
    • 4.1.c.  Nutrition policy
    • 4.2.    Governing collective processes in governmental incentive/regulatory schemes

            D5 :  Food4Sustainability Roadmaps for transition

    • D5.1.  Governance of sustainable agri-food systems: key values and features derived from Belgian initiatives aiming at introducing local products on supermarket shelves
    • D5.2.  Strategies of supermarkets to source and market local food
    • D5.3.  Learning for sustainability transitions: local sourcing by food retailers
    • D5.4.  Greener on the inside? The role of values in institutional change towards more sustainable practices in the case of a healthy fast-casual food chain
    • D5.5.  Report of the multi-stakeholder restitution workshop (planned in May 2018)

           D6: ‘Food4Sustainability conclusions and recommendations’ – results of WP5

    • summary of the analysis of governance architectures and options proposed in the roadmap
    • summary of the overall project findings
    • some recommendations or guidelines for defining efficient policies and measures

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Short Supply Chain Conference organised by KULeuven and Rikolto, in Leuven on 3 May 2018

EU Food and Farming Forum organised by IPES-Food, on 29–30 May 2018 in Brussels