Follow-up committee

The aim of the follow-up committee is to provide active follow-up of and guidance on the research results by the potential users of the research on the transition to sustainable food systems. Therefore the follow-up committee meetings have a complementary function to the multistakeholder interface on food system transitions (WP4). The latter is composed of actors that are already involved in transition pathways and will be directly part of the design and implement of the research protocol during all the steps of the research process. They will meet on an annual basis.

The follow-up committee is composed of:

- Engelen , Gert
Fonction: Vredeseilanden  – Vredeseilanden –   Consumentenwerking en samenwerking met bedrijven in Vlaanderen
- Van Bossuyt, Peter
Fonction: directeur Boerenbond
- Van Gijseghem , Dirk
Fonction: Flemish agricultural administration-Departement Landbouw en Visserij- Division monitoring and studies -AMS-
- Dessein, Joost
Fonction: Researcher ib social and cultural anthropology at the ILVO Instituut voor Lanbouw en Visserijonderzoek
- Soete Kristien
Fonction: VLAM – Vlaams Centrum voor Agro- en Visserijmarketing, hoeve- en streekproducten;  product manager bio
- Chomé, Frédéric
Fonction:  Directeur  of Factor X The Climate Consulting Group
- Boulanger, Stéphane
Fonction: Responsable adjoint Cellule Green Deal Cabinet Nollet Région Wallonne
- Van Bambeke, Joëlle
Fonction: IBGE  Brussels environnement  IBGE / Leefmilieu Brussel – BIM – Responsible for Sustainable Food System
- Courtois, Marion
Fonction: Bruxelles Environnement – IBGE / Leefmilieu Brussel – BIM - Responsable Service Green Economy
- Orfinger, Cordelia
Fonction: directrice ECORES
- Stassart, Pierre
Fonction: Professeur à l’ULg ; Domaine de recherche: Agroecology, Food Systems, Alternative Food Networks, Transitions Towards Sustainability

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