We have chosen CALL and complexity’ as the guiding thread for EUROCALL 2019. This theme is to be seen as constituting a challenge to be embraced. Languages are known to be intrinsically complex linguistically and so are the determinants of learning (additional) languages.

We believe that it is

  • essential to pay tribute to providers of CALL solutions and to recognize the complexity of their task,
  • important to acknowledge this complexity to ensure the provision of ad hoc CALL solutions,
  • fundamental to draw both learners’ and teachers’ attention to complexity issues so that they can make the most of their learning/teaching experience.

We’ll be delighted to embrace the complexity issue collectively with the EUROCALL community!

Thematic strands

  • Corpora and language learning / Data-driven learning (DDL)
  • Intelligent CALL (ICALL) / Natural language processing applications in CALL
  • Complexity, accuracy, fluency (CAF) framework of proficiency in CALL research and applications
  • Measuring and developing linguistic complexity in CALL
  • Task complexity in CALL
  • Digital literacies
  • Digital games-based language learning
  • Mobile assisted language learning (MALL)
  • The design and practice of LMOOCs
  • Telecollaboration and CMC
  • Teacher education and professional development in CALL
  • Applying SLA principles in CALL
  • Open Educational Resources and practices
  • Research trends in CALL