We are happy to have an exciting range of workshops and symposia available at EUROCALL 2019. Workshops will run as either half-day sessions or 90-minute sessions. Symposia will run as 90-minute sessions.


Workshops will take place on Wednesday from 9.00am to 12.15pm (half-day workshops), or will be scheduled at other times over the course of the conference. If you would like to attend a half-day workshop on Wednesday, you will need to register. More info coming soon.

Half-day workshops

  • Language Learning through Gaming
    (Chris McGuirk)
  • Creating your own corpus-driven CALL materials from A-Z
    (Emily Sheepy)
  • Web 2.0, Virtual Reality and interactive videos in Foreign Language Teaching and Learning
    (Salvador Montaner Villalba)

90-minute workshops

  • Utilizing Free, Corpus-based Wordlists & Tools to Teach Vocabulary
    (Charles Browne)
  • Let’s go to the MALL? Revisiting Classroom Activities and Dynamics
    (Alexandra Simões Andrade)
  • What is an LMOOC? The what, the how and the best practice
    (Elena Martín-Monje)
  • PeerEval lets students speak more with simultaneous mini-talks
    (Thomas Robb)
  • Research methodology in CALL journals: “do.s” and “don’t.s”
    (Alex Boulton)
  • Designing e-interview research to address complexity in CALL
    (Joanna Pitura)
  • Open access versus vanity publishing: a complex case for trust
    (Sylvie Thouësny)


Symposia will be scheduled over the course of the conference.

  • MALL Tools Tried and Tested
    (Bruce Lander)
  • New technologies in professional development programmes: A time for action
    (Christina Nicole Giannikas)
  • Less Commonly Taught Languages Symposium
    (Monica Ward)
  • CorpusCALL Symposium
    (James Thomas)