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Today, based on the advances in IT and digital data storage, in many industrial, economic, medical or other application areas, increasing amounts of signals, measurements, images and other types of data become available, implicitly describing underlying processes or structures. With this availability the potential - and need - arises for advanced intelligent tools to extract the underlying information, predict, diagnose, estimate or make use of it in some other way, in order to optimize or improve services. Since structure in this data is mostly hidden under noise, due to the stochastic nature of the processes and their measurement, robust and adaptive tools are needed that can cope with this nature.

"Computational intelligence and learning" intends answering to this need; it gathers research work carried out in various disciplines, with the objective of adding some form of intelligence or automatic learning of situations and properties in algorithms, data processing tasks, data mining, information extraction, etc. Computational intelligence and learning concerns disciplines and concepts such as machine learning, artificial neural networks, data mining, fuzzy logic, evolutionary computation, probabilistic techniques.

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Events of interest for the researchers in the Computational Intelligence and Learning fields can be announced by sending an invitation to the list. Everyone who is registered on the CIL website is authorized to send a message to this list. In addition, if you want your event to be listed on the CIL website (as an event jointly organized by the CIL doctoral school), please send an e-mail with all details to the webmaster (details under the "Contact" tab). Your event will be included under the conditions that:
  • It is clearly related to the Computational Intelligence and Learning fields
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  • The language used for the event is English
The organizer commits himself to provide the list of participants to the event, for the reporting of the activities of the school (names and affiliations; PhD students have to be distinguished from other participants). Organizers who use the on-line registrations on the CIL website do not have to provide this list.

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