Welcome to the Pensions Chair UCL

In light of the multiple and major challenges linked to the ageing of populations, the issue of pensions has become a fundamental topic in the context of our changing societies. Indeed, demographic evolutions caused by the cumulative effect of low birth-rates and increasing life expectancy provide for an ever increasing pressure on pension systems. Moreover, this takes place in the context of an unprecedented crisis of public budgets.

It is to explore these challenges that Professors Pierre Devolder and Alexia Autenne decided to join their respective research activities in order to create the "Excellence Chair on Pensions" at the Université Catholique Louvain. The project was then funded by the Fondation Louvain.

Hence, from its very onset, the Chair has been characterised by a multidisciplinary approach. Such an approach is based the two constituting pillars of the Chair. On the one hand the actuarial science (which studies the financing of pensions and the management of assets) and, on the other, the legal analysis. On this background, the Chair has three main objectives:

  • Providing a critical analysis of questions dealing with the financing, management and regulation of pension systems, both at national and European level;
  • Creating a high-level trans-disciplinary research group on the subject of pensions at the Université Catholique Louvain;
  • Foster the visibility of the different teaching activities in the field of pensions, by providing training on issues and challenges related to pension systems, both Belgian and European.

The Excellence Chair on Pensions is financed by the bequest of Pierre De Merre.