Spoken Learner Corpus Colloquium

Centre for English Corpus Linguistics, University of Louvain , Belgium


Thursday 24 January

9.00 Introduction

9.15 ‘I don't know I'm very negative to this whole thing' : Hedging in the speech of Greek learners of English (Ourania Hatzidaki)

9.45 Sort of native speech: O n the use of vagueness tags & its possible sources in the first language (Joanna Jendryczka-Wierszycka)

10.15 The use of reinforcing and attenuating modifiers of adjectives in Swedish advanced learners' English (Viktoria Börjesson)

10.45 Coffee break

11.15 And yeah, it was really good! Positive stance in native and learner speech (Sylvie De Cock)

11.45 Evaluation and point of view in the oral production of Italian learners of English (Virginia Pulcini)

12.15 Lunch (Salle du Conseil)

14.00 Use of verbs by Japanese learners of English – Past tense and “feel” (Tomoko Kaneko & Takako Kobayashi)

14.40 Exploring register variation in learner lexis: The high-frequency verb make in native and learner speech and writing (Claire Hugon)

15.10 A multidimensional analysis of spoken learner language: The LINDSEI register (Pascual Pérez-Paredes)

15.40 The Chinese subcorpus of LINDSEI: Corpus compilation, preliminary studies and future development (Xiao Sylvia Chen)

16.10 Error-tagging the German component of LINDSEI: principles, problems, decisions (Susanne Kaemmerer)

16.40 SACODEYL demo (Pascual Pérez-Paredes)

17.10 Let's drink to LINDSEI!

19.30 LINDSEI dinner ( Il Doge , passage Agora 22)

Friday 25 January


10.15 Coffee break

10.45 Workshop annotation of LINDSEI data I: exercise in groups

12.00 Lunch ( D'un Pain à l'Autre , Grand rue 18)

14.00 Workshop annotation of LINDSEI data II: discussion and report in groups

15.00 Reporting and open discussion

17.00 End