Welcome to the research group on Big Data at UCL

Computational science has entered the era of Big Data, fuelled by unparalleled amounts of data coming from high-throughput technologies and electronic records collected by various sensors and communication devices. This trend is particularly visible in communication and social networks, where a growing number of individuals are more and more frequently connected to the Web and carry mobile sensors such as smart phones. This allows the gathering of data on human and social interactions at a very large scale. The efficient exploitation of that data raises important engineering, ethical and legal questions, but also demands the development of efficient computational methods.

Our research group aims at developing a theoretical, principled framework on which to build efficient algorithms tailored for the mining and optimization of Big Data models, i.e., for the extraction of high-level information and the subsequent identification of optimal decisions. Applications to a broad range of social, economic, health and urban problems are expected.

Pierre-Antoine Absil, Vincent Blondel, Jean-Charles Delvenne, Renaud Lambiotte, Yurii Nesterov and Fran├žois Glineur

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