09:00 registration and coffee

09:45 welcome address

10:00 keynote by Tijl de Bie : Machine Learning for Music Analysis

11:00 paper session

  • Robust Semi-Supervised Learning through Implicit Constraints – Jesse Krijthe and Marco Loog
  • The Why and How of Nonnegative Matrix Factorization – Nicolas Gillis
  • Learning character-wise text representations with Elman nets – Grzegorz Chrupała

12:00 poster spotlights

  • Efficient Ensemble Learning With Support Vector Machines – Marc Claesen, Frank De Smet, Johan Suykens and Bart De Moor
  • An unbiased spatiotemporal ICA to capture confounding sources of variation in genomic datasets – Emilie Renard, Andrew Teschendorff and Pierre-Antoine Absil
  • epsilon-approximate Pareto optimal set of arms identification in multi-objective multi-armed bandits – Madalina Drugan and Ann Nowe
  • Extensions of Hidden Markov tree models for word representation learning – Simon Suster and Gertjan Van Noord
  • Offline Evaluation Bias in Recommendation Systems – Arnaud de Myttenaere, Boris Golden, Bénédicte Le Grand and Fabrice Rossi
  • Prediction of Ingredient Combinations using Machine Learning Techniques – Marlies De Clercq, Michiel Stock, Bernard De Baets and Willem Waegeman

12:10 lunch

13:20 paper session

  • Enzyme Annotation using Conditional Ranking Algorithms – Michiel Stock, Bernard De Baets, Willem Waegeman, Thomas Fober, Eyke Hüllermeier, Tapio Pahikkala and Antti Airola
  • Understanding variable importances in forests of randomized trees – Gilles Louppe, Louis Wehenkel, Antonio Sutera and Pierre Geurts
  • Statistically interpretable importance indices for Random Forests – Jérôme Paul and Pierre Dupont
  • Learning to recognize intentions resolves cooperation dilemmas – The Anh Han, Luis Moniz Pereira, Tom Lenaerts and Francisco C. Santos

14:40 poster spotlights

  • The role of communication in cooperative hunting in a partially observable world – Pieter Bosma, Hein de Haan, Aliene van der Veen, Floris Bex and Harmen de Weerd
  • Minimum Redundancy Maximum Relevance: MapReduce implementation using Apache Hadoop – Claudio Reggiani, Yann-Aël Le Borgne, Andrea Dal Pozzolo, Catharina Olsen and Gianluca Bontempi
  • Bag Size Does Matter – Veronika Cheplygina, David Tax and Marco Loog
  • Bayesian Regression Approach towards Gene Prioritization – Ajay Kumar, Geert Vandeweyer, Lut Vanlaer and Bart Loeys
  • Evolutionary MCMC Revisited: A Comparative Study – Edna Milgo, Reuben Oyamo and Bernard Manderick
  • Bayes Adaptive Reinforcement Learning versus Off-line Prior-based Policy Search: an Empirical Comparison – Michael Castronovo, Damien Ernst and Raphael Fonteneau

14:50 coffee break

15:10 paper session

  • On-the-fly Domain Adaptation of Binary Classifiers – Sébastien Piérard, Alejandro Marcos Alvarez, Antoine Lejeune and Marc Van Droogenbroeck
  • A Proper Framework for Semi-Supervised Likelihood Estimation – Marco Loog
  • Instance Selection for Imbalanced Data – Sarah Vluymans, Nele Verbiest, Chris Cornelis and Yvan Saeys
  • Interactive and Manual Construction of Classification Trees – Stephen Pauwels, Sandy Moens and Bart Goethals

16:30 poster spotlights

  • Highly informative priors for ubiquitous computing applications – Arun Kishore Ramakrishnan, Davy Preuveneers and Yolande Berbers
  • Mining Flow Cytometry Data – Sofie Van Gassen, Celine Vens, Tom Dhaene and Yvan Saeys
  • Sensitivity Analysis of Search-Space Dimensionality on Recent Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithms – Denny Verbeeck and Hendrik Blockeel
  • Improving Preference Based Modeling By Capturing Correlations Among Features – Hui Li
  • Spoken language variety recognition in Dutch – David Van Leeuwen, Daan Henselmans and Thomas Niesler
  • Anomaly Detection Based on Aggregation of Indicators – Tsirizo Rabenoro, Jérôme Lacaille, Marie Cottrell and Fabrice Rossi
  • Fuzzy Sequential Space-filling Design – Joachim van der Herten and Tom Dhaene

16:40 poster session

19:00 dinner at Café Bota (see here for more details)