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Bachelor in Motor skills : General [180.0] - EDPH1BA


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Supplying expert responses to the enormous needs of our society in terms of movement - such is the challenge that the student of Physical Education prepares to take on in the practice of this profession. The objective in studying Physical Education (EDPH), as offered at the Institute of Physical Education and Rehabilitation (IEPR), is thus to become an expert in movement, capable of optimising the motor potential in man and his health.
The EDPH expert : 
  • masters the characteristics of movement and its effects for educative purposes
  • is well acquainted with the target groups, particularly in terms of age and motor, physiological, psychological and sociological characteristics.

He is capable of organising, communicating and mobilising his knowledge and skills appropriately. He is open to evaluating his methods and techniques rigorously and to updating them on a regular basis.

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In the first year, during the month of November, a compulsory test is organised to enable the students to evaluate to what extent their work corresponds to the expectations of the University programme.
The exams are organised in the form of two main sessions : one in January and the other in June. The September session is for re-sits.
For the theoretical courses, the evaluation is conducted in the form of a written or oral exam, depending on the course, and may be combined and/or replaced by elements of ongoing evaluation.
For the practical training sessions, the evaluation is ongoing and may be completed by a final evaluation. In the case of certain courses, the practical training, oral exams and/or the final exam are equally organised to verify the theoretical knowledge in direct association with the practical know-how.
The evaluation procedures for each course are communicated to the students at the beginning of the session.
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