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Master in History [120.0] - HIST2M

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The two years of the master 120 in History, which the Bachelor in History leads directly on to, aim to give the student more in-depth training in methodology and criticism when it comes to detecting and implementing information, and applying it more specifically to a period (ancient times, middle ages, modern times, contemporary period) or to a field of history, with a view to reaching a personal summary on a given subject (masters dissertation).

The course helps the student develop skills in gathering information, critical analysis and implementing both.

Through its different focuses, the degree prepares students for careers in teaching, research, promoting local heritage, management and documentary conservation.

Retour en début de pageGeneral presentation of the programme

The programme is made up of :
♦ core courses (75 credits), made up of :
- one dissertation and accompanying seminar;
- courses on research techniques;
- case studies in the field 'gouvernance et sociétés';
♦ one focus (30 credits);
♦ and one option or optional course (15 credits).

Wathever the focus or the options chosen, the programme of this master shall totalise 120 credits, spread over two years of studies each of 60 credits

Core courses

One focus from the following :

Options or optional courses

Retour en début de pagePositioning of the programme

Other accessible masters :
at the end of the master 120, each focus of the master in History can be obtained in a new year of 30 credits only.

Accessible doctoral training :
- 'Ecole doctorale en Histoire, art et archéologie';
- 'Ecole doctorale thématique en didactique du français, des langues, des littératures et des cultures'.
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