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Master in Ancient Languages and Literatures: Classics [120.0] - CLAS2M

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On completing the Master in Ancient Languages and Literatures : Classics, students :
  • will have mastered techniques for the philological analysis of Greek and Latin texts (textual criticism ; grammatical analysis ; literary interpretation ; intertextual comparison) ;
  • will have active competence in the two classical languages through regular practice in translation ;
  • will have developed in-depth knowledge in the field of the history of the language, literature and classical civilisations ;
  • will be able to employ techniques for the comparative study of linguistics, literature and culture ;
  • will demonstrate ability to set out the results of personal research in clear and correct language in line with the academic methodology being used.

In addition, depending on the focus selected, students :
* will have received training in academic research in the area of classical philology ;
* will have acquired the teaching skills necessary to teach Greek and Latin ;
* will have gained professional skills in the field of library studies.

Retour en début de pageGeneral presentation of the programme

The programme is made up of :
 ♦ core courses (75 credits), made up of :
- 30 course credits in Greek and Latin language and literature;
- 28 dissertation credits and 2 credits for the accompanying seminar;
- 15 credits in comparativism;
 ♦ one focus (30 credits);
 ♦ one option or optional courses (15 credits).

Wathever the focus or the options chosen, the programme of this master shall totalise 120 credits, spread over two years of studies each of 60 credits

Core courses

One focus from the following :

Options or optional courses

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Further Studies
at the end of the master 120, each focus in the Master in Ancient Languages and Literature: Classics, can be obtained in a new year of 30 credits only.

Accessible doctoral training :
'Ecole Doctorale en Langues et Lettres'

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