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Advanced Master in Rural Economics and Sociology

AnnéesTravail de fin d'étudeProgramme interuniversitaire

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The course enables students to appreciate the real problems posed by the harmonious development of agriculture within society.  The growing diversity of the issues at stake means that the field of investigation is particularly wide. It also covers socio-economic issues of developing as well as developed countries.
The level of training provided by this Advanced Master should enable graduates to take on significant responsibilities in professional sectors and decision-making bodies involved in agriculture. This training can also lead on to scientific research in rural economics and sociology.

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The training comprises 60 credits worth of activities spread over an academic year and is held in the two partner institutions.

The main components are :


Tronc commun: activités communes

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This programme may only be taken after gaining a first Master’s degree for 2nd cycle studies worth at least 300 credits. It may lead to doctoral training.


See the general admission requirements

Specific procedures :

Special procedures :

fluency in French.



Mature students

The existence of this programme on a university syllabus means that it is open to mature students. In the same way as the large number of students on the previous programme which was the inspiration behind this one, the vast majority of candidates for this training programme have previous professional experience, acquired either in a public body or a non-governmental organization in a country in the Southern hemisphere.


Teaching method

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Oral and written examinations, reports, presentation and public defence of a final dissertation. Lecturers organize the assessment of their course, depending on the content and teaching methods used. 

This programme is organized in partnership with the University Faculty of Agriculture at  Gembloux. It is based on previous experience of the certificate for special studies in the same area. The vast majority of students who have studied on this programme are adults from the Southern hemisphere. This in itself gives an international element to the programme. Some of the classes within the programme are also attended by other students, mostly Belgian, who are taking other bio-engineering programmes in the Faculty.

Detailed programme
Mandatory Optional
Courses not taught this academic year Periodic courses not taught this academic year
Periodic courses taught this academic year Two year courses

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Mandatory LECOS3999

Research work  (in French) N.   20credits    x

MandatoryCours obligatoires (28credits)

MandatoryCours obligatoires dispensés à Gembloux
Mandatory LEG3301

Market Instability, regional Intergration and Risk Management : the Case of agricultural Projects  (in French) N. 30h  4credits  2q  x
Mandatory LEG3303

Rural economics and rural sociology seminar  (in French) N. 30h  4credits  1q  x
Mandatory LZZ3204

General and rural sociology  (in French) N. 24h  2credits  1q  x
Mandatory LZZ3304

Projects management in tropical regions  (in French) N. 21h  4credits  1q  x

MandatoryCours obligatoires dispensés à Louvain-la-Neuve
Mandatory LBIR1342

Agricultural economics  Bruno Henry de Frahan 30h + 15h  4credits  1q  x
Mandatory LBRAI2210

Integrated development  Jean-François Sneessens 30h  3credits  1q  x
Mandatory LBRAI2212

Economics of rural development  Frédéric Gaspart, Bruno Henry de Frahan (coord.) 30h  3credits  1q  x
Mandatory LBRAT2103

Rural sociology and land development  (in French) Daniel Bodson 30h  4credits  1q  x

MandatoryCours au choix pour minimum 12 crédits parmi les cours suivants: (12credits)

OptionalCours au choix dispensés à Gembloux
Le cours SI 3308 ne peut être choisi sans son pré-requis SI 3202
Optional LEG3302

Conflict Management, Land Problem and Environment  (in French) N. 30h  4credits  1q  x
Optional LEG3205

International economics  (in French) N. 24h  3credits  2q  x
Optional LSI3202

Elements of multivariate statistical methods  (in French) N. 24h  2credits  1q  x
Optional LSI3203

Statistical methods for economics  (in French) N. 24h  3credits  2q  x
Optional LSI3308

Complements of multivariate analysis  (in French) N. 48h  3credits  2q  x
Optional LZZ3224

Agricultural economics II  (in French) N. 24h  2credits  1q  x
Optional LZZ3225

Economic models  (in French) N. 36h  3credits  2q  x

OptionalCours au choix dispensés à Louvain-la-Neuve
Optional LBRAI2209

Company strategy in agro-industrial sector  Frédéric Gaspart 30h + 0h  3credits  2qPeriodic courses taught this academic year  x
Optional LBRAT2103

Rural sociology and land development  (in French) Daniel Bodson 30h  4credits  1q  x
Optional LBIR1343

Environmental Economics  Frédéric Gaspart 37.5h + 7.5h  4credits  2q  x
Optional LBRAI2207

Agricultural market analysis  Frédéric Gaspart 30h  3credits  Periodic courses not taught this academic year  x
Optional LBRAI2213

Assessment of agricultural policies  Bruno Henry de Frahan 30h  3credits  2q  x
Optional LDVLP2675

Global and local dynamics of development - environment inter-actions  An Ansoms, Bernard Declève, Etienne Verhaegen 30h  5credits  2q  x