Scientific communication workshop

wsbim2280  2022-2023  Bruxelles Woluwe

Scientific communication workshop
3.00 credits
30.0 h
Bertrand Luc; Corbet Cyril; De Smet Charles (coordinator); Lien Wen-Hui; Limaye Nisha;
This tutorial is designed for students in biomedical science (or similar training), who have already begun their master's experimental research (mémoire).
Main themes
The course will consist of three parts:
- Demonstration:
The teachers will present to the students one or two articles in the form of a "journal club" (1. introducing the scientific bases needed to understand the results, 2. presentation and explanation of the experimental work, 3. discussion of the results and conclusions, 4. exposing possible limitations of the study). These presentations will serve as a model.
- Learning:
Each student will propose to the team of teachers a portfolio of five recent scientific papers related to his field of master research (he may be helped by his thesis promoter). Students will receive a paper (chosen from five), and a tutor (chosen from among the teachers) to assist him with his work. The student will read the article and develop a plan of presentation of the "journal club", which must be endorsed by his tutor. The student will then prepare his presentation, always in consultation with his tutor. He will attach particular importance to content and shape (structure, iconography) of his presentation. The student will thereafter present his work to the other students, who are expected to ask questions. Teachers will help to stimulate discussions. At the end of the session, teachers and students will exchange their views on the strengths and weaknesses of the different presentations. This evaluation will not be taken into account for the final grading, but will help the student to identify specific points, which need to be to improved.
- Examination :
A second article, taken from the starting portfolio, will be attributed to each student. In this part of the course, students should prepare their presentation independently. 
Learning of scientific communication skills, through the realization of a "Journal club" type presentation on an original research article in biomedical sciences. (Activity in English)
Teaching methods
Learning by group, in the form of tutoring.
Evaluation methods
The final presentation and defense, as well as the student’s participation to the presentations of the others, will be evaluated by the team of teachers. One bonus point will be awarded for effective language use. In case of failure, a new presentation will be requested for the next examination session, with the team of teachers as sole auditors.
Other information
For this activity, students are accompanied by a language teacher, who gives them personalized feedback on their speaking skills in English.
Online resources
A course website is available via the moodle platform.
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