Secteur digestif (partim SBIM : foie, voies biliaires et pancréas)

wmds2125f  2022-2023  Bruxelles Woluwe

Secteur digestif (partim SBIM : foie, voies biliaires et pancréas)
3.00 credits
24.0 h
Main themes
6 integrated parts : internal medicine, surgery, pediatrics, pharmacology, imaging techniques, pathology. The lessons deal with the concise description of the most frequent digestive diseases in adults and children. Diagnostic approach, medical treatment, surgical indications and main surgical techniques are described. Teaching inGI imaging, pathology and pharmacotherapy is provided
Teaching includes conventional lectures, seminars, clinical demonstrations and training. Power-point presentations, syllabi and short videos are used througout the course. In addition, live presentations are performed to show the best way for collecting anamnestic data, for establishing a diagnosis by complementary techniques and for treating the patient. Seminars of clinico-pathological correlations and teaching are also given.
Other information
Written test scheduled at the end of the module of teaching. Oral exam, part of the global integrated control at the end of the year on the base of a written clinical history.
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Learning outcomes
Master [120] in Biomedicine