Introduction to Biblical Greek

lreli1180b  2022-2023  Louvain-la-Neuve

Introduction to Biblical Greek
2.00 credits
15.0 h
Wauters Audrey (compensates Van Oyen Geert);
Main themes
- In order to achieve the objectives defined above, the instructor will combine grammatical and lexicographical explanations about NT Greek and practical exercises illustrating and developing the theoretical explanations.
The student will be given biblical texts from the Gospels at as early a stage as possible.
Grammar of the verb: morphology and syntaxis. 
Teaching methods
The presence of the student in the class is required.
Method: Teaching and exercises (translations from French to Greek, from Greek to French, analysis of grammatical forms) favouring comprehension and memorisation. The exercises are inspeired from texts of the NT.
Evaluation methods
Written exam: translation of a biblical passage and grammatical analysis of Greek words.
Other information
The professor can exempt the students who will have made a success of the general knowledge test organized at the time of the first course.
Online resources
Some documents are available in Moodle.
Le manuel de référence est : Jeremy Duff, Initiation au grec du Nouveau Testament : grammaire, exercices, vocabulaire (Les classiques bibliques), traduction et adaptation de l'anglais par R. Burnet et D. Denjean, Paris, Beauchesne, 2010.
Le dictionnaire de référence est : Dictionnaire grec-français du Nouveau Testament, Paris, Société biblique française, 2008.
D’autres outils de travail seront disponibles sur Moodle.
Teaching materials
  • J. Duff, Initiation au Grec du Nouveau Testament. Grammaire - Exercices - Vocabulaire, Trad. et adapt. par R. burnet et D. Denjean, Paris: Beauchesne, 2005.
  • J.C. Ingelaere, Dictionnaire grec français du Nouveau Testament, Bibli’o/Soc. Biblique française, 2008 (7,95 euros).
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