Environment and business

lfsa2245  2020-2021  Louvain-la-Neuve

Environment and business
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3 credits
30.0 h
Tack Jean-Pierre;
Main themes

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1 This course is designed for students in civil engineering (FSA) and management (Louvain School of Management, IAG). The basic concepts and tools of environmental economics are presented and much attention is devoted to the toolkits used in environmental management and their implications within the firm (taxes, tradable permits, voluntary agreements…). The methods used to assess the impacts of environmental policies on the firm are discussed. This course is given under the Chair Lhoist Berghmans in Environmental Economics and Management. In particular, it promotes an interdisciplinary approach and does pay attention to the interplay between individual and collective interests when facing environmental issues.
Content Module 1 General introduction Sect. 1 Objectives and structure of the course Sect. 2 A typology of environmental issues Sect. 3 The economic approach of the environment Sect. 4 Environment and sustainable development Sect. 5 Basics in microeconomic analysis Module 2 Theory of the environment Sect. 1 Welfare economics, basics Sect. 2 Externalities and pollution Sect. 3 Pareto optimality and externalities Sect. 4 Optimal pollution Module 3 Methods to evaluate environmental assets Sect. 1 Theoretical background Sect. 2 Method of travel expenditures Sect. 3 Method of hedonic prices Sect. 4 Method of contingent evaluation Module 4 Instruments for environmental policy Sect. 1 Institutional and market failures Sect. 2 A typology of instruments Sect. 3 Comparison of instruments Module 5 Tools, methods and model for policy assessment Sect. 1 A typology of tools, methods and models Sect. 2 Life cycle analysis Sect. 3 Macroeconomic models Sect. 4 Indicators of environmental performance Sect. 5 Cost-benefit analysis Sect. 6 The ExternE project
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