Theoretical basis of sport and physical activity training, and theoretical basis of motor learning

ledph1030  2020-2021  Louvain-la-Neuve

Theoretical basis of sport and physical activity training, and theoretical basis of motor learning
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4 credits
45.0 h
De Jaeger Dominique (coordinator); Hardwick Robert; Marique Thierry (compensates De Jaeger Dominique);

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Main themes
Sports training is a multifactorial structured process (content, methods, organization, evaluation, planification) that includes the learning of complex technical movements. The main topics presented in this teaching unit are : - part A (30h), the biological dimension : development of basic physical capacities of strength, speed, flexibility and cardiovascular endurance. - part B (15h), principal models in motor control and learning, motor learning variables, and practical applications will be presented.

At the end of this learning unit, the student is able to :

1 Part A : The students will understand the theoretical foundations of training strategies for improving performance in non competitive physical activities as well as in individual and collective sports. They will be able to correctly analyse usual practices in sports and physical activities. (part A) Part B : the students will acquire theoretical references in motor learning, useful for their professional practices.
1. Introduction 2. The sporting performance 3. The process of drive 4. Principles of drive 5. Methodology and planning of drive 6. Physiological bases of drive 7. The drive of physical qualities basic 8. The drive of the driving and cognitive skills 9. Determinants of the performance
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This course is given partially in English.
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Bachelor in Motor skills : General