Capital Markets Theory

lecon2605  2020-2021  Louvain-la-Neuve

Capital Markets Theory
En raison de la crise du COVID-19, les informations ci-dessous sont susceptibles d’être modifiées, notamment celles qui concernent le mode d’enseignement (en présentiel, en distanciel ou sous un format comodal ou hybride).
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Thèmes abordés
We will start to investigate the basic concepts in a simple binomial model in discrete time before generalizing them to general dynamic markets in discrete time. Before extending the concepts to continuous time, we will introduce the main mathematical tools of stochastic calculus. We will analyze applications to pricing of options on stocks and on interest rates via change of numeraire techniques.

A la fin de cette unité d’enseignement, l’étudiant est capable de :

1 The student will be able to master financial concepts related to modern asset pricing theory by arbitrage. This will allow him to get the knowledge necessary to evaluate most prices of financial derivatives on stock and in-terest rates.
We will present the main theoretical concepts and apply them in exercises to help for a better understanding.
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The students should have basic knowledge in probability and statistics, mathematics, and finance. The evaluation will be an oral exam. The support is made of slides and exercises with their correc-tions.
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Master [120] en sciences économiques, orientation économétrie