Central and Eastern European Contries Political Analysis

lspri2700  2019-2020  Louvain-la-Neuve

Central and Eastern European Contries Political Analysis
Note from June 29, 2020
Although we do not yet know how long the social distancing related to the Covid-19 pandemic will last, and regardless of the changes that had to be made in the evaluation of the June 2020 session in relation to what is provided for in this learning unit description, new learnig unit evaluation methods may still be adopted by the teachers; details of these methods have been - or will be - communicated to the students by the teachers, as soon as possible.
5 credits
15.0 h
Perchoc Philippe;
Main themes
The course aims at giving students the intellectual instruments necessary in order to - define the political and geographical entity "Central and Eastern Europe"; - to trace the political evolution of the region at the 20th century; - to make applied geopolitical studies: case studies related to the minorities problems and borders dispute; - seize the regions position in respect to the (pan)European organizations and Russia.

At the end of this learning unit, the student is able to :

1 The course presents a political, historical and geopolitical analysis of Central and Eastern Europe. It contributes to the knowledge of this regional entity and the relations maintained by the 'PECO' (Central and Eastern Euro-pean countries and certain ex soviet republics with the European Union and with Russia.

The contribution of this Teaching Unit to the development and command of the skills and learning outcomes of the programme(s) can be accessed at the end of this sheet, in the section entitled “Programmes/courses offering this Teaching Unit”.
Method = Lectures with projection of visual data. Discussion meetings based on the reading of different docu-mentary sources. For specific topics, conferences with outside contributions. Articulation of the course with the work and activities of the team of research of the Chair Inbev-Baillet Latour "Union euro-péenne-russie".
Other information
Geopolitics and international system
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Master [120] in Political Sciences: International Relations

Master [120] in Public Administration

Master [60] in History

Master [120] in Political Sciences: General

Master [60] in Political Sciences: General

Master [120] in History