lsc1120a  2019-2020  Louvain-la-Neuve

Note from June 29, 2020
Although we do not yet know how long the social distancing related to the Covid-19 pandemic will last, and regardless of the changes that had to be made in the evaluation of the June 2020 session in relation to what is provided for in this learning unit description, new learnig unit evaluation methods may still be adopted by the teachers; details of these methods have been - or will be - communicated to the students by the teachers, as soon as possible.
2 credits
30.0 h
Guay Alexandre; Sartenaer Olivier (compensates Guay Alexandre);

General part
The course will review the main topics of scientific metaphysics, epistemology and ethics from the begining of the 20th century to today. Some of the topics that will be addressed are: the debate about scientific realism, induction and falsification, empirism, the relation between observation and theory, the nature of space and time, causation, laws of nature, reductionism and emergence, ethicacs in science and finally the nature of human in the light of neurosciences. 
Philosophy of animal part
In this section we will explore the folowing questions: Is there a human nature? Are non human animals conscious? What is the extention of animal cognition? What are our obligations towards non human animals?
Teaching methods
This course will be mostly based on traditional lessons. The main method will be the systematic comparison between approaches and positions. Because of the diversity of authors and approaches studied, the students will prepare lessons by carefully reading the suggested materials. Participation during discussions in class will also be essential.
Evaluation methods

The evaluation will take the form of a written exam.
Online resources
See Moodle website.
References available on the Moodle website
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Interdisciplinary Advanced Master in Science and Management of the Environment and Sustainable Development

Bachelor in Bioengineering

Bachelor in Mathematics

Bachelor in Geography : General

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