German - Intermediate level

lalle1212  2019-2020  Louvain-la-Neuve

German - Intermediate level
Note from June 29, 2020
Although we do not yet know how long the social distancing related to the Covid-19 pandemic will last, and regardless of the changes that had to be made in the evaluation of the June 2020 session in relation to what is provided for in this learning unit description, new learnig unit evaluation methods may still be adopted by the teachers; details of these methods have been - or will be - communicated to the students by the teachers, as soon as possible.
5 credits
60.0 h
Q1 and Q2
Rinder Ann (coordinator);
Professional integration activity
This teaching unit is the continuation of the teaching unit LALLE1710 and as such supposes that the student has attained the level A2- of the "Common European Framework of Reference for Languages".

The prerequisite(s) for this Teaching Unit (Unité d’enseignement – UE) for the programmes/courses that offer this Teaching Unit are specified at the end of this sheet.
Main themes
General topics related and themes linked to the student's domains of study.

At the end of this learning unit, the student is able to :

1 Reading comprehension - Listening comprehension
At the end of this teaching unit, the student will be able to understand  with a satisfactory level of autonomy written or spoken and recorded texts concerned with contemporary and field-related subjects.
Level: B1-

Speaking Skills
At the end of this teaching unit, the student will be able to express his/her opinions, to present briefly but clearly and fluently a field-related subject and  to keep  a conversation with a native speaker on a familiar topic
Level: B1-

Writing skills
At the end of this teaching unit, the student will be able to produce simple connected text on topics, which are familiar or of personal interest.
Level: A2

At the end of this teaching unit the student has a knowledge of germanspeaking cultural aspects and is able to use the appropriate strategies to establish contacts with native speakers.

The contribution of this Teaching Unit to the development and command of the skills and learning outcomes of the programme(s) can be accessed at the end of this sheet, in the section entitled “Programmes/courses offering this Teaching Unit”.
This Teaching Unit aims at developing the student's receptive skills by the input of written and spoken texts ; at developing the student's ability to express his point of view and speak about a chosen subject in public ; at developing the student's writing skills by the redaction of formal letters and summaries of films ; at broadening the student's knowledge and view of the germanspeaking culture.
Teaching methods
The more general vocabulary and the field-related vocabulary will be presented in written as well as audio texts used to exercise the reading and listening comprehension techniques.
The vocabulary and the typical structures will be revised, extended and tested.
Some techniques of communication will be exercised by means of written and oral production exercises (role plays, presentations).
Evaluation methods
  • Continuous assessment in each term (plan and instructions in coursenotes) = 20 %
  • Written test at the end of each term : code 20%, listening comprehension (t1) and writing (t2) 20%, vocabulary 20%= 60 %
  • Oral exam (discussion about classtopic and student's portfolio)  at the end of each term = 20 %
  • For the examen in september, there is no mark for the continous assessment. Written examen (vocabulary 20%, grammar 20%, writing and listening 20%, presentation 15%) and oral examen (25%).
Other information
  • Training staff : classes in group of 20-25 students
  • The teacher is available during his/her office hours and can be contacted by email
  • Workload :
    60 classroom hours
    90 self studyinghours
  • Syllabus LALLE1212
  • Plate-forme Moodle
  • Vocabulaire allemand, Harraps 2012.
Faculty or entity

Programmes / formations proposant cette unité d'enseignement (UE)

Title of the programme
Bachelor in History of Art and Archaeology : General

Bachelor in Philosophy

Bachelor in Ancient Languages and Literatures : Classics

Bachelor in Ancient Languages and Literatures: Oriental Studies

Bachelor in History

Bachelor in Ancient and Modern Languages and Literatures

Bachelor in History of Art and Archaeology : Musicology