Hydrology of Tropical areas

lsged2210  2018-2019  Louvain-la-Neuve

Hydrology of Tropical areas
2 credits
24.0 h
Jonard François; Vanclooster Marnik coordinator;
Theoretical part
Water resources issues in tropical areas
- The state of the world's water resources
- Current and future supply and demand
- Pressures on water resources
- Paradigms of water management
Basic notions of hydrology
- System approach to study watersheds. Hydrological balance (local / regional)

Hydrological modeling
- Characterization of basins and functional behavior
- Typology of hydrological models
-  Modeling steps (identification / calibration / treatment of sensitivities and uncertainties)

Hydrology and remote sensing
- Notions of remote sensing
- Principles of remote sensing to characterize hydrological processes at the regional scale (land use, thermal balance and evapotranspiration, gravimetry, precipitation, soil moisture)
Practical part:
Hydrological study of a reference basin
- Construction of a hydrological database from generic data.
- Modeling of hydrological flows with HEC-HMS.
- Modeling management strategies in WEAP.
Teaching methods
- Theoretical course: lectures in class room.
- Exercise part: Exercise in computer room.
Evaluation methods
- Students receive 3 assignments and submit 3 reports of max. 2 pages on the student drop space  on MOODLE.
- A written exam with oral defense is organized during the exam session.

Online resources
- Course slights are available on Moodle.
- An exercise manual is available on Moodle.
- The generic data for the exercice is available in the computer class room.
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Specialised master in environmental sciences and management in developing countries