Law, public institutions and management in health care

lkine2108  2018-2019  Louvain-la-Neuve

Law, public institutions and management in health care
2 credits
37.5 h
Depré Sebastien; Detrembleur Christine coordinator;
Main themes
The topics which must be developed within the course are: - definition of the profession, the status of the independent physiotherapist, the agreement, the Functioning of the Social Security in Belgium. - The health care insurance system: principles and nomenclature. - The deontology in the care of health and law of the patients. - The preparation of the INAMI examination

At the end of this learning unit, the student is able to :


At the end of the course the successful student will have the necessary basic knowledge to practise as an independent physiotherapist in a private cabinet in Belgium. He will have the basic notions of law necessary for the practice of his profession, as well as the knowledge of ethics. He will understand the management of the Social Security in Belgium and the health care insurance system.


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This course relates to the knowledge of the services which can be accomplished in the framework of the intervention of the compulsory insurance care of health, the deontology of the profession and the patient's rights. The content of course is as followed: - The exercise of physical therapy; - the qualifications as physical therapist and medical commissions (AR 78 of November 10, 1967) approval in the capacity as physical therapist (AR April 15, 2002) - the law relating to the insurance care of health (July 14, 1994 and updates) - national convention between physical therapists and insurance company - history of the social security and its financing - various types of social policy-holders certificates of care (AM December 17, 1998) - nomenclature of the services of health (AR September 14, 1984) - deontology (Article 458 of the penal code) - welfare benefits for some physical therapists - patient's rights (law August 22, 2002)
Other information
Pre-requisite : None Evaluation : Written examination Support : Syllabus, book, Royal orders Supervision : Titular professor(s)
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