licar2901a  2018-2019  Louvain-la-Neuve

2 credits
15.0 h
Thiebaut Christophe;
Main themes
The course contains notions of public law (first part) and private law (second part). The first part is about : - territory development and town-planning right : territory plans, town planning rules, agreement, sanctions and execution of plans (expropriation); - environment : agreement; - public contracts : the successive steps of contracting of a public contract are reviewed in a chronological order : selection of the way to contract a public agreement; documents of the contract; publicity; depositing of the tender; qualitative selection of the tenders; regularity of tendering; selection of the successful tenderer; conclusion of the agreement; general duty of information and motivation; execution. The second part contains two sections : the first is about the housing property and about the secundary rights of this; the second concerns the legal relations issued from the realization of a built project : acces to business, relations between the master builder and the architect, relation between the master builder and the building contractor.
Other information
The course is based on a syllabus, a book of legal texts, a compilation of documentation and visuals supports. The student must be in possession of the legal texts during the course.
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Master [120] in Environmental Bioengineering

Specialised master in urban planning