Micro and Nanofabrication Techniques

lelec2560  2018-2019  Louvain-la-Neuve

Micro and Nanofabrication Techniques
5 credits
30.0 h + 30.0 h
Francis Laurent coordinator; Hackens Benoît; Raskin Jean-Pierre;
Main themes
Processing of micro and nanoscopic devices, MEMs, NEMs, and integrated circuits :
  • - semiconductor materials and their processing,
  • - oxidation, ion implantation ionique, doping, metallisation, plasma...
  • - micro & nanolithography, laser machining, etc.
  • - micro & nanocharacterisation : SEM, AFM, Ellipsometry, Dektak,...

At the end of this learning unit, the student is able to :


Regarding the learning outcomes of the program of "Master in Electrical Engineering", this course contributes to the development and acquisition of the following learning outcomes :

  • AA1.1, AA1.2, AA1.3
  • AA2.1, AA2.2, AA2.3, AA2.4, AA2.5
  • AA3.1 , AA3.2, AA3.3
  • AA4.1, AA4.2, AA4.3, AA4.4
  • AA5.1, AA5.2, AA5.3, AA5.4, AA5.5, AA5.6
  • AA6.1, AA6.3

At the end of this course, students will be able to :

  • Design the process of a particular micro & nanoscopic device.
  • Use process simulation tools
  • Make specific process steps in the clean rooms
  • Characterize step results in WinFab and Welcome platforms

The contribution of this Teaching Unit to the development and command of the skills and learning outcomes of the programme(s) can be accessed at the end of this sheet, in the section entitled “Programmes/courses offering this Teaching Unit”.
A first step, using simulation tools, allows students to get familiar with processing and characterization of devices..
A second step, in the clean rooms, give the opportunity to realize a few key processing steps, and characterize them.
Teaching methods
A few courses set the ground of major processing techniques. Students then choose a project and design a process based on available informations (iCampus) and bibliography. They interact frequently with a researcher in the field. They finally realize & characterize  the designed steps in WinFab and Welcome.
Evaluation methods
Report and oral exam in group
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Master [120] in Electrical Engineering

Master [120] in Physical Engineering

Master [120] in Chemical and Materials Engineering

Master [120] in Biomedical Engineering