Theatre and visual arts

lthea2206  2017-2018  Louvain-la-Neuve

Theatre and visual arts
3 credits
22.5 h

  This biannual learning unit is not being organized in 2017-2018 !

Châtel Jonathan;
Main themes
This course is designed as an introduction to the analysis of the cinematographic image, via its relation to music and theatre. Following an initial session involving a number of analyses of shots and sequences, the course looks at various art forms in which the various modes of representation concerned are brought together: musicals, melodramas, opera films, filmed ballets, animated films and even music videos. The following aspects will be particularly investigated: composition and camera movements, light, the organisation of space, acting, body movements, use of voices, cutting and editing, special effects during shooting or in post-production.

At the end of this learning unit, the student is able to :


Introduction to the analysis of the cinematographic image. The theatre has left a permanent mark on the cinema: in areas such as frontality, text, actors, scenery and lighting. So, in a more subtle way, has music, in areas such as structure, rhythm, sound editing and sound mixing. The theme chosen for this course is the screen, the stage and music - relations between cinema fiction and theatrical and musical representation.


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Master [120] in History of Art and Archaeology : General

Master [60] in History of Art and Archaeology: Musicology

Master [120] in French and Romance Languages and Literatures : French as a Foreign Language

Master [120] in Performing Arts

Master [120] in History of Art and Archaeology: Musicology

Master [120] in Ancient and Modern Languages and Literatures