Art and Music

lmusi2450  2017-2018  Louvain-la-Neuve

Art and Music
5 credits
15.0 h

This biannual learning unit is being organized in 2017-2018
Ceulemans Anne-Emmanuelle (compensates Van Wymeersch Brigitte); Van Wymeersch Brigitte;
Prerequisite: none. This course is obligatory for students in musicology.
Main themes
Introduction to basic problematics (time-space/ visual-acoustic).
Examination of the relations between music and visual arts in western countries.
Comparison of the role of music and other arts in European cultural life.
Introduction to musical iconography.

At the end of this learning unit, the student is able to :


This course presents interactions between visual arts and music, in their societal and cultural anchorage. At the end of the course, students will be capable of critical apprehension of the relations between art and music, their reciprocal influences and exchanges, their common or divergent questionings. Additionaly, the course offers also elements of musical iconography.


The contribution of this Teaching Unit to the development and command of the skills and learning outcomes of the programme(s) can be accessed at the end of this sheet, in the section entitled “Programmes/courses offering this Teaching Unit”.
In 2017-2018, the course will focus on music iconography, especially in the Low Countries during the 16th and 17th centuries. The wealth of musical instruments and scenes in paintings and engravings of that time will be studied from a historical, cultural, and organological viewpoint. Despite their apparent realism, the instruments are not normally depicted for themselves, as historical testimonies of their morphology and technical characteristics. On the contrary, they usually fulfill a symbolic function. Both the lectures and the students' papers will be devoted to the analysis of this phenomenon.
Teaching methods
Magistral lectures, works in seminars based on a reading portfolio.
Evaluation methods
The students are evaluated on the basis of their work in the seminar and an exam at the end of the year.
Other information
Support: summary of the course and pedagogical material available in ppt files on i-campus, or through the departement ARKE or art history.
Lectures conseillées :
  • KOLFIN Elmer, The young gentry at play : Northern Netherlandish scenes of merry companies, 1610-1645, Leiden, Primavera Pers, 2005
  • MOENS Karel, KOCKELBERGH Iris, Muziek en grafiek. Burgermoraal en muziek in de 16de- en 17de-eeuwse Nederlanden, Anvers, Petraco-Pandora, 1994
  • GETREAU Florence, Voir la musique : les sujets musicaux dans les oeuvres d'art du XVIe au XXe siècle, Saint-Riquier ' Millau ' Carcassonne, s. n., 2010.
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Title of the programme
Master [120] in History of Art and Archaeology : General

Master [60] in History of Art and Archaeology: Musicology

Advanced Master in Visual Cultures

Master [120] in French and Romance Languages and Literatures : French as a Foreign Language

Master [120] in History of Art and Archaeology: Musicology

Master [120] in Philosophy