Brand Management

llsms2003  2017-2018  Louvain-la-Neuve

Brand Management
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Schuiling Isabelle;
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The course will cover in detail the brand management strategies available to the firm. We will analyse the tools that permit to evaluate the strengths of brands for the company and for the consumer. We will also cover the brand extension and co-branding strategies. We will also study the key topics of the brand development at an international level as well as the brand portfolio management. Many case studies in different business sectors will be prepared and discussed with the students.

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The objective of this course will be to learn what are the brand management strategies that are most effective to grow brands and strengthen their competitive advantage in the market. Brands will be analysed on a national and international perspective. It is essential today to master all the new marketing tools that lead to an optimal long term development the brands.


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Prerequisites Basic Marketing Evaluation : Examination and case study Support : Textbook recommended and slides provided through iCampus References : Provided during the class Pedagogic team : Professor's weekly open door Other : - Internationalisation - international content - international case study Corporate features - case study
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Master [120] en sciences de gestion

Master [120] en ingénieur de gestion

Master [120] en sciences de gestion

Master [120] en ingénieur de gestion