Media relations & community management

lcomu2708  2017-2018  Louvain-la-Neuve

Media relations & community management
5 crédits
30.0 h + 15.0 h
Gishvarova Sabina; Van Steirtegem Laurent-Paul;
Thèmes abordés
The course is divided into three parts; The third includes exercises that put into practice the skills acquired in the first two parts.
1) press relations.
  •     Principles of relations of organizations with the press. Written, oral, digital press relations. Relations with bloggers. The press section on the company's website. The ethics of press relations. The evaluation of the effects of press relations (in coordination with the course LCOMU2350 Evaluation of the communication of organization).
2) community management.
  •    Notions and principles; Definitions of the function. Strategic dimension of the community manager's activity. Animation and management of exchanges. Netiquette, ethical aspects.
3) Practical exercises.
  •     Media training workshop. The students will be invited to take part in a situation, by practicing speaking in a situation that simulates the relationship with members of the press (in particular, interview).
  •     Exercise of community management. Students will be required to conduct a guided community animation experience.

A la fin de cette unité d’enseignement, l’étudiant est capable de :


The course will allow students to:

  •     Know the stakes of relations with the press and master the techniques, whether they are in the oral register (interviews, press conferences) or written (press releases).
  •     Measure the impact of digital communication on press relations.
  •     To know the stakes of the activity of community management.

The objective is that the student can be immediately operational at the end of his / her course.


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