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Introduction aux approches expérimentales de la biologie cellulaire et moléculaire [ WSBIM1320 ]

3.0 crédits ECTS  30.0 h   2q 

Teacher(s) Dewachter Ilse (coordinator) ; Horman Sandrine ; Tyteca Donatienne ;
Language French
of the course
Bruxelles Woluwe

Prerequisites : good knowledge of the theory and methodology in cell and molecular biology.

Main themes

1. The build-up of experimental  strategy in cell and molecular biology is illustrated by paradigmatic experimental systems and derived classical papers that led to major discoveries, often recognized by a Nobel Prize.

2. Teachers first present the context (question) then selected papers by point-to-point analysis of essential figures. They emphasize when results force to reformulate starting hypotheses.

3. Students are then attributed a paper to similarly analyze point-to-point and to critically present as powerpoint. This work is assisted by an individual tutor, acting as coach ; and evaluated by the team of teachers, acting as validating jury.


1. This task establishes a link in competence progression, from theoretical courses in Cell biology (WMDS1211, previously BCHM1230) and Molecular Biology (WSBIM1202), to the design of personal scientific projects (WSBIM1303).

2. Specific outcomes are to develop analytical abilities for unknown data (the analyzed paper) ; independent search of focused additional information (the context) ; and comunication skills (powerpoint and oral). 

Teaching methods

Current language is french, but all teachers are fluent in english ; all analyzed papers are in english ; students are encouraged to prepare their slides in english ; presentations can be in french or english.

Other information

1. Targetted students. This activity primarily targets students of SBIM13BA, but is also accessible as option from MED13BA (can be recommended to « étudiants-chercheurs ») and to first-year foreign PhD students without previous exposure to such exercice.

2. Prerequisites : good knowledge of the theory and methodology in cell and molecular biology.

3. Organization.

The activity  is organized annually in the second semester, with rotation of themes.

Presentations by teachers are usually given on first tuesdays, from 14:00 to 15:50.

Papers are assigned, taking into account their level of difficulty and the student's ambition/potential.

Coaching generally involves three sessions.

Presentations should not exceed 15 min (max 12 slides) to leave 10 min for questions.

Cycle et année
> Bachelor in Biomedicine
> Preparatory year for Master in Biomedicine
Faculty or entity
in charge

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