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Dental anatomy [ WDENT1121 ]

3.0 crédits ECTS  15.0 h + 15.0 h   2q 

Teacher(s) Jones Philippe ; Van Nieuwenhuysen Jean-Pierre (coordinator) ;
Language French
of the course
Bruxelles Woluwe
Main themes Chapter 1 presents the various functional groups of teeth, and the composition of deciduous and permanent dentitions. Chapter 2 explains the nomenclature of the teeth and of the various surfaces of a tooth. Chapter 3 is devoted to the general characters of the teeth. In chapter 4, the morphology of each tooth group is described. A special attention is given to the essential elements for clinical applications: morphology of the occlusal face, number and position of the roots and root canals. Chapter 5 is devoted to the anatomical occlusion of teeth and the relationship of the dental arches. The chapter 6 concerns the anatomy of the deciduous teeth. The chapter 7 presents the calendar of formation and eruption of deciduous and permanent teeth. Teaching is based on lecture using drawings supplemented by slide shows. Practical works: illustrate the theoretical concepts, evaluate the essential manual aptitude for the exercise of the dentistry.
Aims This course is in direct connection with the exercise of dentistry, because its knowledge is implied in all the specialities of dental medicine. The student will have to be able to reproduct into 2 (drawing) or 3 (sculpture) dimensions the morphology of all the human teeth.
Content Description of deciduous and permanent dentitionsLectures during which each surface of tooth is drawn in order to make the student active. The talk is supplemented by slides. During the T.P., the student will be initiated with the sculpture and will reproduce model teeth in various materials (plaster, resin,...).
Other information Evaluation: Written examination based on a multiple-choice questionnaire, plus a drawing of an occlusal view and of another dental surface. It is balanced by an oral examination.
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> Bachelor in Dentistry
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