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Etat solide [ LPHY1342 ]

4.0 crédits ECTS  30.0 h + 20.0 h   2q 

Teacher(s) Rignanese Gian-Marco ; Piraux Luc ;
Language French
of the course
Main themes Short overview of chemical bonding in solids, periodic crystal structures, reciprocal lattice Thermal properties : lattice dynamics, specific heat capacity, Debye model, phonons, effects due to anharmonicity Quantum states of electrons in solids : Bloch theorem, electronic band structure (the nearly free electron approximation, the tight binding approximation), Brillouin zone, Fermi surface, motion of electrons, effective mass The free electron gas :occupation of states, electronic specific heat, thermodynamical functions,) Semiconductors : carrier charge density, impurity levels, the p-n junction, transistor Transport phenomena : Boltzmann equation, electrical and thermal conductivities, electron-phonon collisions, Hall effect. Superconductivity : fundamental phenomena, London equations Methods : Ex-cathedra courses, exercises.
Aims This module gives an account of the essential elements of solid state physics
Cycle et année
> Bachelor in Geography : General
> Bachelor in Economics and Management
> Bachelor in Mathematics
> Bachelor in Engineering
> Master [60] in Physics
> Bachelor in Physics
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