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Compléments de modélisation du système climatique [ LPHY2252 ]

6.0 crédits ECTS  45.0 h + 7.5 h   1q 

Teacher(s) Goosse Hugues ; Fichefet Thierry ; Crucifix Michel ;
Language French
of the course
Main themes Numerical methods of geophysical fluids; numerical analysis tools; data and palaeo-data assimilation methods; geophysical applications of dynamical systems; meso-scale atmospheric modelling and applications.
Aims The course follows PHY2153. Its objective is to introduce the student to advanced notions of physical climatology in direct connexion with research activities of the academic and research staff of the university.
Other information The course is split in a number of seminar-like activities demanding a high level of student participation. The students will be marked on the basis of personal written works. Pre-requisites : PHY2150 and PHY2153.
Cycle et année
> Master [120] in Physics
> Master [120] in Geography : Climatology
> Master [120] in Geography : General
Faculty or entity
in charge

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