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Physique et dynamique de l'atmosphère et de l'océan II [ LPHY2151 ]

5.0 crédits ECTS  30.0 h   2q 

Teacher(s) Fichefet Thierry ; Crucifix Michel ;
Language French
of the course
Main themes Advanced notions of ocean and atmosphere thermodynamics (radiative transfer; aerosols, cloud micro-physics, cloud-radiation interactions) ; Advanced notions of atmospheric dynamics (shallow- water and quasi-geostrophic approximations; vorticity and potential vorticity; tropical and extratropical waves; baroclinic instability, plus a number of optional subjects such as tides, tropical weather systems and subtropical anticyclones and Charney-Stern theorem); thermodynamics and dynamics of sea-ice.
Aims The student will acquire advanced notions and skills in physics and dynamics of atmosphere, preparing him to academic research in these domains.
Other information Summary : The course is split into a number of classroom lectures and tutored reading using, as a tool, the local library. PHY2150 is a pre- requisite. The studend will be marked on the basis of a personal work and an oral examination on a pre-agreed, well-delineated subject. Reference : Bougeault and Sadourny, Dynamique de l'atmosphère et de l'océan, Editions de l'école polytechnique, 2001.
Cycle et année
> Master [120] in Geography : Climatology
> Master [120] in Geography : General
> Master [120] in Physics
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